Drain Cleaning

Main Drain Cleaning & Hydro-jetting in the Tri-City and Surrounding areas

Clogged drains, whether it’s kitchen, bathroom or a main drain that’s not flowing, call TRH for an effective and long term solution. If you’ve had issues with slow running drains in the past, we recommend annual drain inspections where our Plumbing experts can identify problems and walk you through a solution before they become an emergency! 

The most common and easily fixed issues we see in the kitchen or bathroom is large food, grease or hair build up. These generally accumulate over time and will cause a slow running drain before causing a full clog. If you notice any of your drains running slowly give TRH a call before the flow stops!

Common main drain issues include build up of scale & debris, cracks, dips or roots but we can get eyes on it all with our main drain video inspections. Not only can we get eyes on the issue but we can locate the problem area and provide an effective long term solution to ensure your drains are flowing properly when you need them. Call us now at 519-265-9815 or book online to get started!

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